Cash Fares
Cash Fares
The following information for cash fares is based on services operated by National Express West Midlands, one of the main operators of bus services in Stourbridge. Other operators will offer similar fares on their services.

Cash fares depend on how many fare stages you travel through on your journey. Each route is split into fare stages, with each stage containing about three stops.

All fares are now charged at the same price in Peak and Off Peak times.

Peak times are from the beginning of daytime service till 09.30am and from 3.30pm until 6.00pm (Monday to Fridays).

Off-Peak times are from 09.30am until 3.29pm and from 6.00pm until the end of daytime service Monday to Fridays, and all day Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Fares Stages Adult Fare Child Fare
1 - 3 Stages £1.90 £0.95
4 - 8 Stages £2.20 £1.10
9 Stages £2.20 £1.10
Different fares apply on certain services (e.g. Services crossing the West Midlands county boundary). Stourbridge services that may be affected by cross boundary fares include Services 125, 227, 228 and 318.