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Stourbridge Interchange (referred to as 'SI') offers information and timetables relating to public transport services in Stourbridge. Whilst SI will try and maintain that all news, service changes, diversions and timetable information is correct, SI cannot be held responsible for any errors or discrepancies on the information that is published within this website.

SI stresses that the timetables published in this website should only be used purely as a guide, and SI cannot be held responsible for any late, missed or changes to the line of normal route on any journeys made by you, which have occurred by the operator or due to road works. This is not the responsibility of SI to ensure that any routes are operating correctly, but it is the responsibility of the operators who run these services. SI does not have any connection with service operators and do NOT operate any services, we also do NOT manage or run the Stourbridge Interchange, this is run by Network West Midlands / CENTRO.

Any special journeys that you are planning or you have to make any special connections, SI recommends that you contact the operator (contact details can be found on the Service Operators page) of the service you may use beforehand, to ensure that the services you may use are still operating according to the information supplied within this website - again, SI cannot be held responsible for any errors that may have occurred on the information published in this site.

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