Current Delays / Diversions
Stourbridge - High Street
Date Starts: Monday 15 June 2020
Date Ends: Tuesday 15 December 2020
Services Affected: 250
Reason for Diversion: Road Closure
Details: From Monday 15 June, Stourbridge High Street will be temporarily pedestrianised until further notice.

During this time, Service 250 will leave be diverted from Stourbridge Interchange, then via Stourbridge Ring Road, past Enville street, into Lower High Street, then around Stourbridge Ring Road to Enville street, then continue normal line of route.
Planned Delays / Diveriosns
Highley - B4555
Date Starts: Monday 02 November 2020
Date Ends: Friday 20 November 2020
Services Affected: 125
Reason for Diversion: Road Closure
Details: There will be further road closures on the B4555, Highley from Monday 02 November until Friday 20 November.

During this time Service 125 will be diverted and shuttle bus arrangements will be in place to ensure that residents of Highley are not cut off from a bus service.

The new arrangements will be, Service 125 will not serve Highley, Chelmarsh and Eardington, but will continue directly to Bridgnorth via B4363.

At Bridgnorth there will be a shuttle bus, which will travel to Highley via Eardington and Chelmarsh and vice versa. The shuttle bus will terminate at the Leisure Centre.

The connecting Shuttle Bus service has been funded by Shropshire County Council to ensure connections to Highley can be maintained during these works.
Wombourne - High Street
Date Starts: Tuesday 03 November 2020
Date Ends: Tuesday 03 November 2020
Services Affected: 16
Reason for Diversion: Manhole Cover Repairs
Details: On Tuesday 03 November between 07.00 and 17.00, Wombourne High Street will be closed to allow for repairs to broken or cracked manhole covers in the road surface.

Service 16 Towards Stourbridge: From Windmill Bank, Planks Lane, Giggetty Lane, Common Road then normal line of route.

Service 16 Towards Wolverhampton: is not affected by this diversion and will continue to use normal line of route.

All stops on the diversion route will be served.
Dudley - Crossgate Road
Date Starts: Monday 09 November 2020
Date Ends: Sunday 22 November 2020
Services Affected: 8
Reason for Diversion: Road Resurfacing Works
Details: From Monday 09 November until Sunday 22 November between 08.00 and 15.00 each day, Crossgate Road will be closed for resurfacing works.

Service 8 will be diverted via Highgate Road, Stourbridge Road, over at the island then continues along normal line of route.

All stops on the diversion route will be served.