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Stourbridge Interchange is an unofficial website that offers to keep you updated on the latest news, service changes and any problems that would affect your journeys in and around the Stourbridge area. This website is not linked to the Stourbridge Interchange, this is managed and run by Network West Midlands / CENTRO
Stourbridge Interchange Website
The main section of this website includes the homepage of Stourbridge Interchange, latest news, service changes, service operators and diversions / possible delays that are currently in operation in the area affecting Stourbridge routes. You can also link to other sites through the links page, such as bus operators' official websites and bus enthusiasts personal websites.
This section of Stourbridge Interchange holds all timetables for bus and train services operated in Stourbridge. You can also access timetables for School services, and any bus services that run through Hagley, which the Webmaster considers is a part of the Stourbridge area. These timetables are available for you to print, to help you plan your journeys for either business or leisure.

Please note that these timetables are offered in good faith and should be used purely as a guide to services operated. Stourbridge Interchange will not be held responsible for any problems occured on your journey.
Stourbridge Interchange Past
This section of Stourbridge Interchange is for historic purposes only. You can compare what bus services were available between then and today, and you can decide if the transport available from years ago was better or worse from what is offered today.

There are other features in this section including upcoming events in the bus rally world, pictures of Stourbridge transport past and view other peoples memories of Stourbridge transport.
About the Webmaster
As webmaster of Stourbridge Interchange, I run this site as a personal website in my spare time - I do not gain anything financially from running this site except for satisfaction that people can benefit from using this site.

As the webmaster, I aim to update any changes to services, diversions or any problems with public transport in Stourbridge as soon as it happens, but depending on the time that I have to spare, this cannot always be the case. I will try and keep timetable information up to date, as I get the information supplied on this site from operators timetables, the same way as you would from travel offices, libraries, etc. I offer these timetables to save you the hassle of searching for printed information and by keeping all timetable information stored in one place, for you the user, to have access to the information, when and where you may need it. This is why as the webmaster of Stourbridge Interchange website, I will not accept any responsibility for any incorrect information, as stated in the disclaimer, and I urge you to contact service operators beforehand if you are planning any special or important journeys. The timetables and other transport information offered in this website should only be used purely as a guide only.

I would like you to get in touch with me via the contact us link below if you have any problems, queries, comments or even suggestions regarding the site. All feedback is appreciated and I will try and reply to any emails as soon as I receive them.

As stated above, I run this site in my spare time and if you email any queries, I will try and answer any questions as soon as I can, hopefully within 24 hours, but I cannot always guarantee this.

I AM NOT connected with any service operators listed on this site or any public transport organisation. For any queries regarding service operators, please contact them directly as I will may not be able to offer correct information.

I thank you for visiting my site, and hope that it may have been of some help to you. I hope that you return and even inform other people about the site.
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