Cash Fares
The following information for cash fares is based on services operated by National Express West Midlands and Diamond Bus, two of the main operators of bus services in Stourbridge and the West Midlands. Other operators will offer similar fares on their services.

Cash fares depend on how may fare stages you travel through on your journey. Each route is split into fare stages, with each stage containing about three stops.
National Express West Midlands Fares
Fare Stages Adult Fare Child Fare
1-3 Stages Short Hop £1.50 £1.20
1-3 Stages Short Hop Swift PAYG £1.40 £1.15
4-8 Stages £2.40 £1.20
4-8 Stages (via NXWM Mobile App) £2.30 Not Applicable
4-8 Stages on Swift PAYG £2.30 £1.15
9+ Stages £2.40 £1.20
9+ Stages Adult Mobile Ticket £2.30 Not Applicable
9+ Stages on Swift PAYG £2.30 £1.15
Adult Single 10 Pack £22.00 Not Applicable
Adult Single 10 Pack (via NXWM's Mobile App) £22.00 Not Applicable
Concessionary Pre 09.30 single £1.00 Not Applicable
Diamond Bus Fares
Fare Stages Adult Fare Child Fare
1-3 Stages Short Hop £1.50 Not Applicable
4-8 Stages Single £2.40 £1.20
9+ Stages Single £2.40 £1.20
Concession Pre-09.30 Twirlybird Single £1.00 Not Applicable
Network West Midlands have recently introduced "Swift" Pay As You Go cards, which most operators offer a discount on fares and day tickets if these are used, more details on the operators and discounts can be found here .