Station Guide
Below is a guide to Stourbridge Interchange situated in Foster Street East, showing the location of bus stands and which servcies depart from which stand.

A majority of bus services also stop at the bus stop situated in Bath Road (on Stourbridge Ring Road), which is located opposite the Crystal Lesuire Centre / Tesco Extra Supermarket.
Interchange Plan
Stourbridge Interchange Plan
Interchange Stand Guide
Stand Service Destination
A 125 Bridgnorth
A 318 Bromsgrove Railway Station
B 142 Halesowen
B 227 Kinver
B 228 Kinver
B 287 Merry Hill Centre
B 298 Pedmore Fields Circular
B 299 Pedmore Fields Circular
C 256 Wolverhampton
C 257 Dudley
C 267 Wall Heath
C 657 Kingswinford
D 250 Stourbridge Circular
D 276 Dudley
E 228 Russells Hall Hospital
E 251 Stourbridge Circular
E 296 Brockmoor
E X96 Wrens Nest
F 246 Dudley
G 276 Wollaston
G 288 Norton
G X96 Wollaston Farm
H 9 Birmingham City Centre